RG Bionix 23/24


Piegāde 3–12 darba dienu laikā.

RG Bionix 23/24 futbola cimdi.

Bionix futbola cimdiem tagad ir viena no progresīvākajām RG delnas virsmām – Python spāņu lateksu ar Memory Fit īpašībām, kas pēc sitiena ar bumbu ļauj plaukstas virsmai ļoti ātri atgriezties sākotnējā formā, kā arī īpašas līmes piedevas, kas nodrošina vislabāko saķeri. Lieliska nodilumizturība un izcilas īpašības jebkuros laika apstākļos.
Izmēri: 5.–11.

Vairāk cimdu šeit

Cut: Hybrid Roll Negative. Fingertips are rolled around with latex, towards lower finger parts offers a tight fit. Inner seams provide tight fit, exclusive construction. Their ergonomic shape totally adapts to the natural movements of the fingers providing extra contact area of latex at finger tips.
Backhand: High performance Eva zone open-cell natural rubber combinable with multiple fabrics. Revolutionary solution for applications requiring highly breathability and high elastic features. EVO Zone is the result of applying cutting-edge engineering technology to comfort. Its key features are: Elastic LiningBreathability Elasticity SustainabilityBIODEGRADABLE & ECO-FRIENDLYWATER RESISTANT.
EVO Zone allows higher levels of water vapor permeability with the same thermal resistance capacity, resulting in superior thermal comfort. Sublimation graphics with its unique colors vibrant contrast. Ink: Silicon printed with High Density method been used to prevent softer cushion for giving grip while punching the ball. With its unique texture it’s has its own elegance.
WFS: Wrist Fit System, Hyper technology developed and studied with top athletes. After approval of our goalkeepers we are now able to use this Hyper Polyester Rubber Elastic at bottom of the glove.
Palm: Memory Foam Palm: One of the most advanced RG palm foam ever, the Python Spanish Latex which includes special adhesive additives offering the best grip properties, great abrasion resistance and outstanding performance. We have added the extra-long palm with embossed textures give ability to have more control on ball during match. The foam bubbles are open, effectively creating a matrix through which air can move. Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes.
Available size 5-11
Svars 0.350 kg

11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4


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