RG Zima 23/24


Piegāde 3–12 darba dienu laikā.

RG Zima 23/24 futbola cimdi.

Zima 2023-2024 ir klāt! Pilnīgi jauni vārtsargu cimdi ar jaunu RG tehnoloģiju un dizainu. Pēc daudziem pētījumiem mums izdevās izstrādāt savu pirmo hibrīdzonas L-DERMAFIT tehnoloģiju.
Jaunais Roll-Hybrid griezums kopā ar Giga+ cimda piedurkni nodrošina šim cimdam lielisku piegulšanu un saķeri. Derma Fit tehnoloģija, kas īpaši izstrādāta RG, piedāvā īpaši spēcīgas šķiedras, kas veido ļoti unikālus, vieglus, elastīgus un elpojošus materiālus.
Izmēri: 7.–11.

Vairāk cimdu šeit



CUT: New Hybrid Roll Negative cut. Fingertips are rolled around with latex, towards lower finger parts offers a tight fit. Inner seams provide tight fit, exclusive construction of their ergonomic shape totally adapts to the natural movements of the fingers.
BACKHAND: New Hybrid Zone with L – Derma Fit technology uses high-strength fibers to create lightweight backhands with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability. With the help of technology, the lower part of backhand and wrist using knit is a better, a lighter and more breathable GLOVE will come in handy when the weather finally warms up. Combination of new Hybrid Zone methods on backhand will allow user to enter a dynamic of fit where goalie has the opportunity to use latex backhand in classic fit with natural punch absorption, offers comfortable punching at all stages. Injected 2D Rubber A unique combination with Lower Back Hand complex 2D patterns rubber injected technology, that allows the glove offers an extremely flexible, light weight, perfectly fulfilling the demands of modern goalkeepers during match with extreme durability .
PALM: One of the most advanced RG palm foam ever, the Giga + German Latex including special adhesive additives offers best grip properties, great abrasion resistance and outstanding performances in most of the conditions, with its extremely tacky ingredients enhances ability to catch the ball at modern goalkeeper requirement. New Grip Protection on the lower part of palm where ball has the most effect and highest impact at very pace.
WRIST & CLOSURE: Elastic Loop strap removable. It has the ability to adjust the wrist with this elastic loop at its most powerful method which not just secure the wrist but also boost confidence level in the ground with forgetting to tighten the wrist due to its ergonomic engineering method.
Sizes available 7-11
Born to be a keeper!!!
Svars 0.350 kg

11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4


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